Petra Buchholz studied design, visual communication and stage design in Düsseldorf and Salzburg.

Her first stage engagement was at the German Opera on the Rhine Düsseldorf-Duisburg. Following that
there were duties at the theatre and philharmonic orchestra of Essen and the state opera of Hamburg.
There she worked on the design of "Ring des Nibelungen", a collaboration with the prime intendant Günter
Krämer from Cologne, since the playing time of 1993/1994 she belongs to his team as the managress of
stage department.

She decorated the musical "Anatevka", styled the costumes for "König Lear" and together with Günter
Krämer and Jeffrey Tate she produced "Parsifal". Petra Buchholz sketched the stage design and the
costumes for Luigi Nono's "Intolleranza" and decorated Elfriede Jelinek's "Stecken, Stab and Stangl". For
Günter Krämer's "Nabucco" at the state opera of Vienna, she designed the stage and was invited to the
Vienna festival 2001 with Nono's "Intolleranza".

The stagings that were decorated by her were invited to numerous festivals (Aix-en-Provence, Vienna
festival, NRW-theatre meeting) and were honoured with prices ( e.g. the NRW-critics survey and the NRW-
theatre prize).

She is free set-designer and costume designer at the Comedia Theatre in Cologne and designs public and
business rooms like the rooms of "Yakult" at the Oliviandenhof in Cologne and the premises of " Kinya-
Japanese food culture
" in Frankfurt city.

Current works: She is sketching the stage design and the costumes for Pierre Carlet de Marivaux'"
"Der Streit", directed by Christian von Treskow and working on the production of "Creeps", the new play
by youth theatre best seller Lutz Hübner, at the Comedia Theatre in Cologne.
Petra Buchholz developed the stage design and the costumes for Günter Krämers "Die Arabische Nacht".
Stage design and costumes for Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt's comedy "Hotel zu den zwei Welten"
at the "Theater der Keller",in Cologne. Regie: Meinhard Zanger.

Languages. German, English, French, Italian, Spanish.